Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some times I hear people say that I am a soft spoken person. But at times I realize that I am not as sweet spoken as I really intend to be.

Sweet talks : "One who talks sweet does not have an enemy and is blessed with plenty of wealth and good fortune." – Rigveda (Sacred Space, Times of India, March 22, 2011).

 I was just thinking aloud on this …. And a staff of mine came for a clarification and I consented her to go ahead …. But I did not find any sweetness in my communication. How to go about ……? I intend to be sweet and soft in my communication…. But many a time it would not happen……… may be I should be happy internally and then may be the softness and sweetness in the talk come automatically. Cheers … !! Never the less I continue my efforts to be soft and sweet in my communication. LbnRaj ; lotus5673@yahoo.co.in ; http://indialibrarian-intl.blogspot.com ;

Librarianship is a noble profession