Monday, March 7, 2011

From: Mr.Dickson Aziza

Dear sir/madam,

To whom it may concern, I kindly want to put in notice before you, my name is Mr.Dickson Aziza Jnr a citizen of South Africa, I am in -India presently seeking for a reliable and trust worthy fellow to assist me of
my late father money, which I transferred draft from the Bank of England to the Reserve Bank of India, for an investment purpose.

The said amount is three point two million usd ($3.2 million) I have done a reasonable research and find out that is not easy for foreigner to have an account for such a huge amount, so i want you as a citizen of India to
assist me by transfer this draft into your nominated bank account, and ten percent will be offer to you for the work well done.

Please, if you are interested do contact me as soon as possible. For proper verification here are the contact numbers. Thanks for co.operation.


Mr.Dickson Aziza.

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