Friday, December 31, 2010

One more opportunity for a New Beginning .... Wish all of you a Happy and Prosperous new year 2010

New beginnings                                                             December 31, 2010

"A new beginning brings with it a freshness that is hard to ignore as it brings with it fresh hope and the promise of bright days ahead." – Janina Gomes (The Speaking Tree, Times of India, December 29, 2010).

When things go wrong …when hopes and dreams seem to be shattering……when the last second, hour, day and year haunts…..what should one do?  Repent on the past that went wrong? Worry on the next moment, next hour, next day or the next month and year?  You are right Gomes, a new beginning, a new fresh beginning is a wonderful option!  And when should this new beginning take off? Is it the next fresh second, it it the next fresh hour day, month or the year?  A fresh beginning could be conceived at the earliest …….could be the next second or the next minutes.  Yes explore freshness all over again in the fresh new beginning……there are n number of opportunities for new beginnings.  Explore as you move from second to second, life is full of abundance, if we act unconditionally and abundantly. Next beautiful moment is waiting for our new beginning! Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rajashekhar Devarai, Chief Librarian, Asian School of Business Management, BBSR; ; ;

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