Friday, December 3, 2010


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Fill your life with joy, peace and serenity .... it is possible ... it is upto you .... LbnRaj

Be in the present and fill life with joy, peace and serenity ... it is up to us ... it is possible ... just learn to appreciate things as they are ... learn to appreciate that nature has given us without asking for .... Thank God always for what is given to us. Learn to appreciate the greatness of the people around us.... learn to find out the best of all of our family memberss friends and neighbours ... best wishes ... LbnRaj .

Yes ... true indeed ... it is upto us to fill our life with joy, peace and serenity ... yes we need to be in the present .... Yes we should be fully present in the present moment ... may be a few seconds of past and a few seconds of future ... I think that I consider to be the present.  And that is what I consider to be being in the present. Hope every one agrees to this .... I am sure Librarians will agree to this.
LbnRaj ;

"Every breath v take, every step v make, can b filled with peace, joy and serenity.  V need only 2 b aware, alive in d present moment" - Thick Nhat Hauh (Sacred Space, Times of India, September 16, 2010).

Librarianship is a noble profession