Friday, April 10, 2009

Fw: Ideas Now & How - An Unlearning Experience session

Dr.Prerna, do attend the meeting........

Librarianship is a noble profession.

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Subject: Ideas Now & How - An Unlearning Experience session
Date: Friday, 10 April, 2009, 12:55 PM

Dear Friends,
You are cordially invited to "Ideas Now & How" to listen ,talk, unlearn.
We welcome all to freewheeling discussions...
No matter who you are...No matter  what you do...
We would love to listen to your ideas about life,world & things as you see it & experience it....
Walk In as a Seeker & Walk out with an experience you can share with friends & newbies
There is confusion in the air & chaos is reigning supreme...
Is it Mumbai or Mosul in war torn Iraq...dug up roads,endless jams,bygone civic sense,shameless corruption,enemies of free & open societies & thinking people...
There are questions popping up on every thinking mind ....Why? Why? Why?
Why we all are so bogged down by our preconceived ideas,prejudices & notions...
Why we repeat ourself so much...? Why we are like this ?
Let's get closer to answers by speaking about it, by being in quest..
Let's share ...New perspectives,New Ideas, New Views ,New songs, new Poems, new music ,New movies, New Books & New Debates...& above all new spirit...
All are welcome with open & free minds...
Please Feel free to confirm via mails...& if you are not able to make it due to your busy schedule do write in what thoughts unlearning brings to your mind on
These are exciting times filled with virtual recession, political theatre ,election jamboree & IPL sitcoms with one consistent lesson of unlearning.
Our Ernest  request is not to mark copies to all. This is a spam free suggestion all our members. 
Date:11th April 2009
Time: 6pm onwards
Host: Ms.Roopa Icewala
Venue: On The Terrace, Between the Moons, Stars
            N.D. Trishul building,
           Oberoi Complex,
           Behind Sab TV, Near Kalinga Restaurant,
           Link Rd, Andheri (west),
Kindly note :  Add RSVP Yes/No in the subject column for confirmation. Its imp to send in ur confirmation  Also. please do not send mails/forwards to other members. If u wish to write or share something just send them to, we will forward it to others.

salim Akhtar 93202 25352
Anant Joshi   98926 20532 
Ideas Now & How - An Unlearning Experience

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